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Does CTE call for an end to youth tackle football?

Does CTE call for an end to youth tackle football?

Despite press about a recent study, a link between hits to the head and CTE isn't clear-cut. More data and a risk-benefit analysis are needed. 

On Jan. 18, an article by Dr. Lee Goldstein of Boston University and colleagues in Brain, a leading neurological journal, was released and touted as proving the link between subconcussive hits to the head and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) (“Real risk of CTE comes from repeated hits to the head, study shows,” Feb. 4). That same day the CTE advocacy group — the Concussion Legacy Foundation — announced a national campaign called F14G Football to convert all under-14 football into flag football, thereby eliminating tackle football.

The message sent to assembled media and onlookers was that eliminating tackle football for youth is the key to safeguarding the brains and futures of America’s youth.

The truth is not so simple.

The scientific evidence linking youth casual sports play to brain injury, brain injury to CTE, and CTE to dementia is not strong...

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by posted 02/14/2018
Dave Duerson Act

As many of you have read in the media the recent bill by Illinois State Rep. Carol Sente, a Vernon Hills Democrat, called the Dave Duerson Act, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, calls for the ban of tackle football for any youth under the age of 12 years old. The River Valley Youth Football League is clearly opposed to such legislation.  

Please note that the league nor its organizations do not profit from playing youth football. The league's objective is to exemplify and teach good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the basic fundamentals of football and to stimulate the young person’s interest in sports while providing constructive recreational use of leisure time. Youth football creates character and develops a young person into an adult.  It gives the youth a outlet from whatever type of struggles they are going through. In addition it helps creates leaders in our schools. Every year countless fathers, mothers, volunteers participate in coaching, training, and molding young boys and girls in youth football.

We need your help today to oppose this act by contacting your local legislator and signing the various petitions opposing this bill. 

Petition 1

Petition 2

Thank you in advance!

by posted 01/27/2018
Our Condolences


It is with heavy heart to report the passing of Troy Shannon, long time coach and Asst AD of the Morris Warriors. Troy has been our long time friend in the league. I can say that Troy was friends with all. He had a very kind heart and loved the kids and the game of football. Troy will truly be missed by all! Please keep Troy's family in your prayers. Our condolences go out his family and the Morris Warriors family.

A visitation for Troy will be held on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the First Baptist Church, 1650 West Route 6, in Morris, Illinois. A celebration of Troy’s life will be held on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 10:30 am, at the church, officiated by Pastor Steve Larson. Burial will follow at Evergreen Cemetery.

Visit https://mealtrain.com/0n2e0v to help assist the family in thier time in need. 


by posted 01/05/2018
2017 Big 10 Sportsmanship Honorees

The Big Ten announced its 14 Sportsmanship honorees for the 2017 Football season Tuesday. Our River Valley League has 2 representatives on this list. Nick Allegretti, Frankfort Falcons '09 and Danny Friend, Morris Warriors '08. Congratulations to both players and leading by example great sportsmanship! We are proud of you!

by posted 11/28/2017
IHSA State Championship

The RVYFL would like to congratulate, our very own referees Tom, Mike, Steve and Pat, who have been selected to     officiate the 2017 IHSA 8A State Championship Game.  Tom and crew recently officiated our Super Bowl on Nov 5th and Tom is our league's Head Referee!  Congratulations!

by posted 11/09/2017
2017 All RVYFL Team
Click here to view the
Team Members. 
Congratulations to all players!

by posted 11/06/2017
2017 Super Bowl Winners
Congratulations to all of the
2017 Super Bowl winners!

SLW - Orland Park Pioneers
LW - Homer Stallions
JV - Homer Stallions 
Varsity - Orland Park Pioneers

Brian Jones Videography presents...River Valley Super Bowl Memories. Brian Jones Videography is the official videographer for the Super Bowl. Enjoy the live game and let us preserve the memories of your son's game in action to be viewed forever.  Brian has been part of the RVYFL Family for many years and has videotaped the last 6 RVYFL Super Bowls.  If you have any questions, please contact Brian Jones at  . Click here to download the order form to order your Super Bowl game game DVD.


Smooth Ink Sports is the official 2017 Spiritwear vendor providing official merchandise on-site at this year’s River Valley Football Championship. Smooth Ink Sports provides quality spiritwear for youth sporting events. Stop by the Smooth Ink Sports booth for all your official gear at the event. In addition to on-site event-wear, Smooth Ink Sports offers a great spirit wear program for all youth sports as well as schools. Check out Smooth Ink Sports at www.smoothinksports.com



2017 Orland Park Pioneers Varsity Super Bowl Champions2017 Orland Park Pioneers SLW Champions

by posted 11/05/2017
Reporting Scores

Good Luck to all RVYFL Teams!

Even though the home team is required to report the scores for all games, I would recommend both teams report scores to me to make sure we are always up to date as well as accurate.  Please either email me at vadamo@outlook.com or text me at 815-341-3401. Thank you.

by posted 08/16/2017
Dick's Sporting Goods



by posted 08/06/2017
Life Lessons

Parents and more important players, no matter what sport you are playing, this applies to you! We are not just teaching a sport, we are teaching life lessons. Coaches are always watching! Be a leader and/or be a good teammate in sports or in life!

"Me, we, my coaching staff, we put a huge premium on body language,” Auriemma said. “And if your body language is bad, you will never get in the game. Ever. I don't care how good you are. If somebody says, well, you just benched (Breanna Stewart) for 35 minutes in the Memphis game a couple of years ago. Yeah, I did. That was to motivate her for the South Carolina game the following Monday? No, it wasn't. Stewy was acting like a 12-year-old. So I put her on the bench and said sit there.”

by posted 03/22/2017
Why we need football...

This is a great explanation of how football transcends the actual game and gives us all life lessons. Please take a few minutes to watch. 

by posted 11/29/2016
Football for Life Episodes

by posted 08/28/2016
Food for thought...

by posted 08/05/2016



by posted 07/09/2016
HEADS UP to Youth Sports

HEADS UP to Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The HEADS UP initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

Click here for more info

by posted 04/01/2016
3 ways your child will benefit from playing youth football

Players benefit physically, socially and emotionally from playing football

Football is blue-collar America. It’s working class, working together.

In this game – America’s favorite game – there are no isolation plays that cast a team aside. Nor are there intentional walks to avoid an obstacle.

In life, like in football, the easy route is rarely an option.

Read More

by posted 03/16/2015
USA Football

The River Valley Youth Football League was recently recognized as part of USA Football. Here is the article, http://bit.ly/Yeq5P5

Please read and share. Let's keep up the good work everyone!

by posted 09/26/2014
High School Blitz Interview

TWC News Austin reporter Lauren Mickler interviews East View High School Football player Apollos Hester after the triumphed over Vandegrift by one point. Hester’s post-game interview was one of the most inspiring interviews we have captured on Sports Night High School Blitz. VIDEO BY TWC NEWS AUSTIN


by posted 09/23/2014
USA Football

The River Valley Football League is proud to announce that our league has recently joined USA Football.  USA Football, the sport’s national governing body, leads the game’s development, inspires participation and ensures a positive experience for youth, high school and amateur players. USA Football hosts more than 80 football training events annually, offering education for coaches and game officials, skill development for players and resources for youth football league administrators. USA Football is the exclusive youth football development partner of the NFL, its 32 teams and the NFL Players Association. An independent non-profit, USA Football was endowed by the NFL and NFL Players Association in 2002, and its members reside in all 50 states. Please visit www.usafootball.com for more info. 

by posted 04/23/2014
Jeff Wesley Memorial
In memory of Jeff Wesley, with great  appreciation for his commitment as a long time Referee, friend and great contributor to our River Valley Youth Football League.  Thank you to the Wesley Family! 

Also in honor of Jeff, all teams will be wearing a JW sticker on their helmets in the 2011 season!

Dear River Valley Youth Football League:

I am beyond touched and at a sincere loss of words on the tribute that your organization did for my Dad, Jeff Wesley.

As his oldest daughter, I know how much this would have meant to him and how much he loved officiating youth football games. 

Your League's love and generosity is a welcome support to my family and I as we continue to feel my Dad's loss.

Thank you for thinking of him in such a meaningful way!

Best of luck to you in your upcoming season.  We are rooting for you.

In gratitude,
Nadeja Wesley

by posted 07/28/2013
Join the RVYFL!!
Want to join the best youth football programs in the Southwest Chicagoland Area!  If any team is interested in joining the River Valley Youth Football League, please contact Vince Adamo at   or 815-341-3401.
by posted 10/01/2011
RVYFL Super Bowl History
Calling all fans!  We are trying to accumulate as much history of our Super Bowl winners.  Please review our past Super Bowl winners page and help us fill in any missing teams. Also, we can also use a photo of any winning team.  If you can't send us a digital photo, please send us a scanned photo. 

Please submit all of the above info to Vince Adamo at .  Thanks.
by posted 10/06/2009